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Male Or Female Dogs, Which do you find attractive? Tell Why. (139 replies)

December 27th 2005, 1:09 by MegaFliPlayBoy


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Help (serious), Psychological issue (i suppose) (14 replies)

April 19th 2014, 6:15 by marisot46

Hi, two-yr reader and finally took the plunge and joined. Straight 29f, ENGAGED, totally closet on topic and recently became guardian of sweet 2 yr. old male golden. Foreplay began about two months ago, recently became more serious and this past week took another BIG plunge. Incredibly intense, everything I had read about and heard about, but immediately following felt disgusted with myself---and still do. Something i never imagined doing, or feeling. My question: Has anybody had a similar experience/feelings and how did you deal with it? Cannot exactly go see a shrink about this! Thank you in advance.

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First Post Embarrassing (girl) (7 replies)

April 23rd 2014, 14:26 by Emi800

Sorry for my bad EnglishHi, I'm from Sweden I am a girl of 22years as long wondered if the man was alone to like dogs but then one day when I was surfing the Flashback so I found the Big thread about bestiality and there was a link to this forum, I was so happy; I have themselves a Rottweiler boy of 3 years which I would like to go further with him, the kind just licked me a year and I have stuck firmly to it. I have training as IT and network technologies. Want to know more then write .. Hope to find new friends

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Sexual Body Language, from other peoples animals (14 replies)

April 22nd 2014, 22:50 by Fanspaztic

This is a question, followed by a short story.Have any of you been approached, or gotten a signal from an animal, not your own? Cats in heat will whore up to anything when they want to breed... But what about other animals? Now the reason I ask comes with a story that I would like some insight on. My job brings me to many a stranger's houses. And I get to see dozens of people's pets on a daily basis. Usually just the friendly (sometimes not so friendly) dog. But horses, goats, and other animals are also common. But one call in particular raised my interest. This particular lady is lucky enough to have an absolutely beautiful Friesian mare. IMO the prettiest horse I've ever seen. Now I have been to this house a few times. Usually hard at work so I rarely get time to admire the mare. But today I went there, and something different happened. I have to walk directly beside the fence to reach the house. As I walked by, the mare was right there with me, bumping my arm with her nose. So I scratched her on the neck and carried on. As I was leaving the same actions were repeated. Nose bump, neck scratch.Only then she turned more and backed her rump right against the fence in front of me. Squatted a bit , lifted her tail, and darn near peed on me. I was shocked. Horses are not my forte. I only know what basic horsemanship classes taught me. And only what I've read on here when it comes to mating tactics. But that seemed like a pretty clear sign to me. One that I could never, and would never act on... But Dammit, I am almost in tears wishing I could. So yeah. Any words of wisdom from the equine experts would be appreciated! Was it what I thought? Or just an overactive imagination??

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How Many K9s?, How many K9s have you had sex with? (113 replies)

May 21st 2013, 12:27 by groucho69

Over 30+ years I am over 100. I am a slut. And proud.

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