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Who Is The Most Beautiful Human Female Performer?, Most beautiful human female in video? (23 replies)

March 10th 2014, 18:36 by Revoltera

Who do you think is the most beautiful human female performer that performs in bestiality videos?My pick would be:Professional videos - Andy (Andy Private)Homemade videos - CupCake (Cannibal Cupcake)

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So I Caught Someone Today..., caught a fencehopper at my barn (68 replies)

December 13th 2007, 6:49 by horseybuttsdrivemenuts

So... quite a situation arose today when I went out to see my gelding, Buddy.I left the house early this morning and drove to the barn. It was just barely light out when I got there. Instead of opening the front door of the barn and going in, I went in the side which is closer to Buddy's stall.As I entered the barn I heard some... erm.. atypical noises so I flipped on the lightswitch. When the lights came on I stood there dumbfounded. In the stall 2 stalls down from Buddy, where a mare owned by someone I know is kept, there was a strange man I'd never seen before butt naked on a bucket pumping away at her.Of course, he scrambled to get dressed in a panic as soon as the lights came on. I didn't know what to do, I was shocked. He was still pulling his pants up with one hand and had the rest of his clothes in his other hand when he threw the stall door open and made a run for it.I took off running after him, having absolutely no idea of what I would do if I caught him. He was quite a bit more flight of foot than me. Needless to say I lost him in some trees after a chase of about a quarter mile.I went back to the barn and just sat on the ground by Buddy's stall, still in a state of shock.I don't know what to do. I don't know if I should tell my friend what happened or if she'd even believe me if I told her.I'm still dumbfounded by this.

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Where Is Horse Sex Legal?, Holiday for the mrs and myself... (6 replies)

July 28th 2014, 17:02 by HorsecoupleUK

We live in the UK and unfortunately we have been let down 3 times to meet up with a stallion/owner...Where is it actually legal to go and participate in or watch women having sex with horses?Has anyone ever been to watch it? Is it taboo even in places where it is legal and was it well organised?We are thinking of a holiday not just for that but if it was on location it would be a bonus.any information would be appreciated.

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Find A Horse To Suck Off, Looking for a horse to suck off (0 replies)

July 29th 2014, 9:07 by chrisloveshorses

Does anybody in michigan have a horse i can come suck off i have always wanted to suck off a horse an swallow its huge load. i hope someone near grand rapids can help me

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Sex With Worms (14 replies)

April 5th 2010, 8:55 by Octagonal


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