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Pussy Eating: Do You Like It?, pussy, foreplay, vagina (180 replies)

April 20th 2011, 0:26 by unitedstates

Do females - human and animal - generally like being eaten out?

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Mounting Issues? (0 replies)

August 22nd 2014, 10:29 by Coebalte

I tried browsing the forums, just to make sure there were no other threads for this, and I didn't SEE any, not saying they're not there, I might just be dumb.ANYWAY. My boyfriend and I like to play with our dogs. The two that we can do so with are...odd when it comes to mating, they both seem REALLY eager, but they just...'fall short'? I guess?For instance, one of them won't mount on his own, but once you get him on you and in you'll, he'll try to do the turn, but his knot wouldn't be inflated enough to stay. The other, when coaxed with a handjob, will mount, and penetrate, but ALSO won't swell and knot properly. Any advice?

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What Are Your Sexual Preferences?, Vote for the one that suits you best! (175 replies)

March 9th 2006, 1:59 by Wolfhound

Hi folks,I would like to pose this poll question to you, so as to get an overview of our demographic here. I belive that I have covered the gammit of possibilities here, except for maybe trans-gendered people, but ran out of polling space as there are only ten lines allowed.Please vote and also post follow up's to the topic in case I have missed anything. I also hate the words "Sexual Preference" as very few of us have a preference, it's just what we are! But for the sake of the topic headline, I figured that it would attact the most attention.Thank you for your responses:)I am Gay with Humans and Bi-Sexual with animals.

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Tell?, Do I tell my boyfriend what I did? (13 replies)

August 20th 2014, 15:23 by mslola2030

I am a divorced 45 year old mother of three boys. I recently moved in with a man. Of course he has a dog...Mastiff. Being home all day alone with him...yes, it happened. Do I tell him what I am doing with his dog?

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When Was The First Time You Saw A Dogs Cock?, what did you think and do (11 replies)

August 21st 2014, 13:51 by dogfun1234

When was the first time you saw a dogs cock, what did you think and do?

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