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In The Doghouse (5 replies)

September 30th 2014, 6:33 by Man4Mastiffs

I've never owned a dog, much less been in a relationship with one, and I'm curious...I hear all the time about zoos sleeping with their dogs in bed, but what about sleeping with dogs in the doghouse or kennel? Does anyone do this? I don't know why, but the thought just seems so beautiful and intimate-- just waking up, nestled against his/her furry warm body, taking in all of the natural doggy smell. Does anyone sleep in the doghouse with their lover? If so, was it a pleasant experience?

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How Many People Know Your A Zoo?, This is a poll to do a little research (62 replies)

June 2nd 2008, 15:07 by Retribution_4_TW

I doing a little research about the amount of people who are know as zoo's. I want to figure out how much we are in the view of the general public and how aware of us they are. For me just a few select people know. My mom, a few friends, and my grandma knew. It runs in my family genes so it not so uncommon in my family.

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Mississippi, Any Mississippi ppl? (1 replies)

September 30th 2014, 20:48 by New2244

From North Mississippi jus wanting to know if there are any more Mississippians out there?

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Your Sexual Orientation To Animals, zoogay, zoobi, or zoohetero? (398 replies)

November 17th 2007, 6:23 by VulpesVulpes

zoogay means a male that is interested in male animals. Other definitions similar.

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Zoosexual Dating Dilemma (11 replies)

September 27th 2014, 6:46 by Zqwm7

There are some "zoo-exclusives" out there who want to live out the "intimate" part of their lives with no human partners -- only non-human partners.But for everyone else (all other zoosexuals), how can zoosexual person reliably meet another zoosexual person via the Internet without getting caught in some "sting" operation or other treachery?For example, a person could go to an online dating site, and on their public profile they could say "I'm sexually attracted to animals". This would be very useful in finding like-minded individuals, but would it also attracted the attention of hostile anti-zoosexual (zoophobic) people such as the police?Indeed, a few people have done said publicly (such as on a dating site) that they are sexually attracted to animals, but it is rare. A quick search of online dating sites such as OKCupid shows that a very, very small number of people list "zoophile", "zoophilia" or "zoosexual" as an interest. Based on the fact that Beastforum has 1.3 million members, it can safely be said that zoosexuals (at least, out-of-the-closet zoosexuals) are vastly under-represented in public online environments such as dating sites.So if a person goes to a dating site and says "I'm sexually attracted to animals", does this put a target on their back? And does it violate the often-emphasized principle of "keeping a low profile"? Is it too risky?For all intents and purposes, this "zoosexual dating dilemma" seems to have no satisfactory solution. The only way people seem to be able to overcome this dilemma is through underground, clandestine methods or by pure luck (for example, [person A] says to [person B] "I'm sexually attracted to animals" and [person B] says, "Wow, so am I" -- that is pure luck).And it is worth noting that, because this dilemma has no satisfactory solution, people have become ensnared in police stings. Admittedly, they are not common, but there have been at least 5 anti-zoosexual sting operations in Maricopa county Arizona (all involving Craigslist), and at least one sting operation in Boone county, Missouri (which also involved Craigslist). In all of the Craigslist cases, the people communicated with people online who they thought were like-minded zoosexuals (but were actually police), and then went to meet those people in real life (but when they went to meet them, they were arrested).Part of the zoosexual dating dilemma is simply the fear or anxiety of trying to seek out like-minded individuals for a real life, off-the-Internet rendezvous -- not for the reasons typically associated with dating, but because of social hostility and intolerance toward all things zoosexual.

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