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Freedom For Zoos, Do we deserve it? (34 replies)

June 22nd 2014, 9:50 by Knotdog12p

Freedom usually comes at a price. Look at people who struggle for freedom and many who died, were persecuted or imprisoned for that desire. The history books are full of it as it is of those died, were persecuted or imprisioned for doing nothing or hiding away. People who struggle will eventually obtain freedom. Those who do nothing will gain nothing except with the death, persecution, and imprisionment of those who struggle. Zoo's are no different than any oppressed group. We need to have the freedom to live our lives as human beings, sure as humans who love animals, but human nonetheless. I remember what happened at Stonewall in 1969 when gays stop being bait for police to beat upon and it took many years but they have made gains no one expected of them. There has to be a time when we just say no and start the struggle maybe slow,but steady. Now gays are coming out of the closet where none were thought to be. I thing zoos have to come out of the dog houses, barns, or stables,where ever they are hiding. I have struggle my whole life to do something to better our group. I have connections in Hollywood who are trying to show pro zoo views. I have been a member of bf for years and I have seen a lot of promise and a lot of stuff that makes me ashamed of us. Someday I hope we will have a leader who isn't afraid of the world and will fight for our rights. I wish it was me, but health wise that is impossible.I am unable to change the world. I am just going to settle down in my own zoo world with the people and animals who I love and love me and hope someone will inspire us to struggle for our freedom.

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Hacked By Gf, hacked by ex-gf, (19 replies)

July 24th 2014, 7:28 by funguy7

got into my account and defaced other socila media. i'm terrified she might "ruin my life"

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Missionary Or Doggy Style (101 replies)

November 15th 2007, 19:37 by zoome

Which is your favourite position when it comes to watching dogs having sex with women? Or if you're a woman, which is your favourite position with a dog. I liketo see the missionary with the woman opening her legs for the dog, very erotic. I can tell you it's possible for men too, but not easy, but enjoyable.

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Tonight (13 replies)

July 21st 2014, 21:20 by hedgesxlr

So I was able to find someone with a german shephard today, and we're meeting in just over an hour. Any good tips? I'll be posting the video as soon as I get home. Completely cleaned myself inside and out, and I'm nervous as hell. How do I approach this with him when we meet? He says the dog is really experienced

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What Do You Do While Tied? (180 replies)

August 17th 2004, 14:58 by dblinsey_99

Hi,I'm curious as to what other ladies do while tied. Since my 'lover' isn't all that active once full penetration occurs, I tend to let my mind wander or talk to my hubby about being bred, mating, impregnation and the like while being inseminated. To be honest, I love the idea of just taying in position while he ejaculates. Wish men had that capacity as well!Any ladies want to lend their insights into the discussion?Looking forward to hearing from you!Donna

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