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3 Years (4 replies)

September 20th 2014, 7:04 by DeviouzFox

So even after 3 years I'm still having difficulties accepting my self as zoo, and still have high anxiety, depression, and insomnia that circles around being zoosexual. any ideas on how to help wash away these feelings, or suggestions to quell them a little bit?

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What Is One Animal You Wish To Experiment With?, If you could chose one animal..... (649 replies)

June 30th 2004, 18:49 by Mistress Mikala

Just curious to see what everybody wishes they could try. (Note, my first poll, so if format is wrong, sue me )

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Getting Along With The Law, do you run from it? avoid it? (20 replies)

May 31st 2014, 2:09 by DeviouzFox

I'm curious, do others run from the law? get around it? or how do you live with illigeal urges?

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Number Of Zoo's In Us, You are not alone statically speaking (2 replies)

September 20th 2014, 6:25 by Knotdog12p

A math professor that I know says that from the number of members of BF members who are adult, living in the US, and a margin of error of 25% and the number of zoos who would not be using this system. There are conservatively between 5 and 7 million adult Americans who are zoophiles open or closeted. So if you feel alone there are a lot of people who feel alone too, but they might be a friend, a co-worker, a relative, a neighbor so don't feel alone they may be even lonelier than you. You have BF they don't.

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Does Being A Zoo Give You Anxiety / Depression?, Being silent and/or alone all the time (19 replies)

August 10th 2014, 3:28 by Zqwm7

I apologize if this topic has been raised elsewhere -- but the question is, does being a zoosexual person give you anxiety and/or depression? The possible causes of such feelings might be because a person cannot tell people their true feelings, that they have to keep their zoosexual feelings bottled up inside of themselves all the time, or simply the fact that a person has to spend most of their time alone (not with other people) because of their zoosexual lifestyle.This is a quote that references loneliness:QUOTE ďBeing attracted to equines, I feel myself to be spiritually connected to them I find that peoples intolerance towards zoophiles is frightening. Iíve heard of stories where people have not only been arrested and thrown in jail for more than 7 years, but fined so heavily they are unable to pay for their homes. Their lives ruined by the people who are judgmental and hateful towards those who just want to live their lives and have a companion thatís not human. I personally am revolted at this bigotry and hatred towards zoophiles. I also am revolted at the thought of having a human companion and mate. Humans are not pleasant to look at, especially in the nude. Being an art student Iíve seen many nudes.I feel that equines or horses are the most beautiful and lovely creatures Iíve ever laid hands and eyes on. So strong, majestic, loving and caring. I know horses better than I know people. I just wish the world wasnít so judgmental so that maybe one day I can live my life and not be alone forever. Being alone is a horrible feeling. And being alone is what the rest of society has forced on me as well as many of us who have a spiritual and emotional attraction towards our fellow animal kind who just happen to have 4 legs rather than 2.ĒAbove quote is from the "[Adjective] species" website

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