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Help K9 Style (0 replies)

October 20th 2014, 10:39 by jsw123456

hey all I am new to this, some of you may saw my last post about my sexual feeling towards animals and my friends dog who is shut away in a pen. Although my feelings are not just sexual towards dogs I love them too I am looking to have a sexual relationship with a dog. some have suggested that I don't have a sexual relationship with a dog however after expressing my opinion to my friend that keeping to dog in a pen is unfair we have agreed that I can have the dog, I love jack and I think he loves me, we spend a lot of time together as I take him treats and play with him so he isn't left out from the other two dogs on the farm (the other two don't escape), I cant accommodate jack at my 1 bed flat however I will keep him down on the farm until I can find somewhere suitable for us to live. the farm is secluded and completely empty after 4pm, I have a caravan on site where I often stay. I have never done this before and would really appreciate any advice on how to get started, the things I should be doing to start off I have done some reading however some first hand advice would helpthanks J

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Ebola And Your Dog, The paranoia on this disease (7 replies)

October 19th 2014, 13:57 by Knotdog12p

One of the nurses who became infected with Ebola in the hospital in Texas and someone in Spain both had dogs. In the one in Spain the dog was immediately killed and the one in Texas is under quarantine and is being tested for the virus. There is no sign that dogs get infected or can spread the disease. The research so far shows that dogs may get the virus but build antibodies which seem to prevent them from getting the disease as human do. I hope we follow the route in Texas and find out if dogs may be a possible cure for the disease and don't decide dogs or other animals should be killed before all the evidence is in. I fear that the public in their paranoia will take it out on helpless animals without any research being done. If I ever get that terrible disease which I think is really very very slight. I wouldn't want any of my animals being killed until they find out how it affects them.

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The Internet's Part In The Beastlover's Start, the influence its had on newbies (28 replies)

June 9th 2009, 20:56 by Regoob

Does anyone else think that the internet has been the biggest factor over the last ten to fifteen years in people discovering beast-loving desires within themselves that most never knew that they had? A large percentage of the silent masses out there have surely come across some form of beast-love in one form or another simply by accident while surfing the web. While many would obviously click out in their own personal disgust (or as I like to refer to as personal ignorance), I think quite a few have have used this 'accidental' viewing as a doorway into a whole new world, in some cases life-changing. How many of you out there would probably know nothing of the beast-loving life if the internet hadn't been there to first arouse your curiousity?

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Diet And Zoosex, Your/your animal's diet make better sex (1 replies)

October 20th 2014, 1:57 by Knotdog12p

I feed my dog meat that is all natural no artificial ingredients as we all eat here on the ranch. He even will eat a little plant food that we grow the same way. I have found that since we stop eating the food that has been loaded with various chemicals that our sex has increase by over 25 percent. Some of the other people here say it is up to 50 percent better. I use to have real hot sex 2 times a week when he was a younger dog now it is sometimes 3 or 4 times a week and is definitely more intense even though he is almost 4 years older. I am not claiming absolutely that my diet is what is causing the increase sexuality in us(Maybe we are just more in love than before), but I am wondering if you have a special diet that makes your animal better during sex. 🐾 H 👣

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Porn While Having Sex, porn while knotted (14 replies)

October 12th 2014, 2:13 by Knotdog12p

Just curious sometimes I watch porn while I am tied to my dog.

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