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What Do You Like Best - A Horse's Pussy Or Ass?, Which do you prefer??? (51 replies)

December 19th 2008, 20:11 by scottytohotty

I have always liked horse pussy but I recently tried the ass for the first time. And let me tell you a horse's butthole is so tight. Much more so than the pussy. And once you're up in there it feels so hot!

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Should I Try It?, Would be my first time (114 replies)

June 14th 2013, 22:09 by jerjer93

I've had many fantasies about getting fucked by a dog and I've recently started thinking about doing it. I'm female. Comments?

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Anybody Ever Meet From Bf (140 replies)

July 10th 2013, 17:06 by huntley32192

I was wondering if anybody has ever met anyone else from bf?I met one person from here and it was more awkward than anything. I'm still a k9 virgin and she had a couple of pitts that were willing. So after chatting via email for a bit we decided to meet in a park before things went further. I go to the park to meet her and she's late so i check my email and she said that she was bringing her 2 year old along as well as her roommate who knew nothing about being a zoo and said to keep things quiet about it... Needless to say, after about 15 minutes I bailed it was just awkward. I couldn't say nothing. I felt morally wrong talking about zoo infront of a toddler and it was just a bad situation.So what were your experiences like meeting fellow zoos from bf and what was the experience like?

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Wife's First Time, Doggy style (16 replies)

October 7th 2014, 13:54 by One2tryit

Wife has now taken our black lab cross collie for the first time tonight. Took some time to get him excitied and when he mounted i guided him in the right place, after that he new what to do Was only knotted with her for about 5 mins befor he tried to turn and pulled off and feel out. Hope i can bring some pics in the future to post here. For now we shall continue to get used to all this.Love this forum

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Second Fuck By A Boar, I tried again for second time guys.. (4 replies)

October 22nd 2014, 22:08 by kamaliqueen85

hi friends, its kamali here again.. I have posted my pig sex experience last week. I got lot of responses and mails and advices regarding my doubt about pig sex and my experiences. Thank you for all, i found some people who encourage me to have sex with animals. its really great and thanks.From the mails, I found a person name Imric, he asked me how many times can i get fucked by a pig and how may cum can i pack . so i went to meet the farm owner who provided me the boar. Even he didnt ask, i was curious to fill my pussy with pig cum..(its a hot lava inside me). So I asked farm owner.He smiled at me and told, he practiced his boar to have upto 3 sows per day. he have 60 female pigs and 4 boars. they will fuck the sows in rotation manner. One new thing he told me is, if any of the boar didnot fuck any sow atleast for one time a day means, he have to do some masturbation like things to those boars to reduce their sexual thoughts.Then i opened my thoughts to that farm owner. I asked, i just want to get packed with maximum cum inside me. he smiled again and took me to pen(pig sex area)again he gave me a bunch of hays. i laid over that facing top ad widen my legs..he opened that same boar, to which i got fucked last time. at the first sight, that pig ran to me and started sniffing my pussy. i got wet on his hot air and closed my eyes. Now the pig mounted me similar to last time(he got trained with me i think)he (i specify boar as he from now) tried to enter his cock inside me, but it slapped my pussy walls and my bum. So i used my hands to hold his cock and insert, woooow... now i realised its shape, its somewhat spiral in tip, also, seems to be sharp on edge like a dog cock tip.i placed his cock on my pussy entrance, within 2 jerks, he inserted half of his cock inside me.. then he started his work, i just laid down on hays like last time. His fuck was not as fast as a dog, but more power to move me on each jerk mostly i dont remove my dress on animal fuck, this time, due to his fuck, my breast moved out of its case in5 minutes fuck. farmer was looking eagerly how i got fucked by his piggy. Again i felt its screwing something inside deeply, as for my knowledge and replies from our forum members, they told its locking its cock inside me.yeah, i understood now, he locked his cock tip inside my cervix now. suddenly, i came to know that im hugging that pig without my knowledge and smiled to myself... wow..a dog lover...now a pig lover anyway, i hugged him tightly, soft monster...love his fuck..now he slowed down his strokes, i felt the hot lava gushing inside my womb.. yes come on my boy.. i wanna find my capacity..i thought like that.he cum inside me for 5 minutes, im not sure, but felt filling my stomach..still i hugged him and enjoyed cervix contact..then he unmounted me and slided his 1+ feet cock out of me...ahh its really good on sliding cock on pussy wall.. now no drop came out of me..i opened my eyes and asked farm owner, thats all ? when will he come to second round (as a call girl i have experience for fucking for 3 to 4 hours continously in gang bang), for that he told i have a surprise. i asked whats that..he opened the door, there was another male pig standing ( ). he is black and furry. he told this was different breed but can satisfy me, because this one will fuck 3 sows one by one.i smiled inside me and nodded head to farm owner to tell him to fuck me. but the new pig automatically came near me.. the farm owner again sprayed some scent in my pussy. the new one was somewhat small than previous, but fat than previous one. the farm owner guided him to mount me. i move my hands and holded his cock to take it out of sheath...i masturbated him and its cock got bigger...then i smiled inside me thinking the new monster is ready and placed his cock in my entrance... this time, in one stroke his most of the cock was inside me.. due to some pain i screamed, but it gone away in minutes I hugged the new furry pig and holded his hairs in hands. he burried all his full length inside me (i think his cock is small than previous one). so, for each stroke i found his balls slapped in my ass, his hairy body rubbed my body..(one thing, im also a hairy girl..i love to have some bunch of hairs over my pussy.. but its clean and good)due to his body is getting rubbed with me, i felt hot on myself. my pussy hairs and his hairs knotted with one another. for each stroke he plugged one or two hairs from my pussy. now he found my cervix i think, same feeling inside me.. again my eyes rolled up.. he slowed down jerking and started filling me.. again a new hot lava...wow..im now a pig mate he cum inside me for 5 minutes and tried to unmount me.. but i asked the farm owner to have another fuck...in the mean time he unmounted me... so farm owner again sprayed on my pussy and moved his pig near me. he again mounted me for second time and did same fuck again...again filled me with some cum...his balls were big i think.still i found there is space inside me...then i realised, as it is having capacity to carry a baby, so i can pack some more...so i said enough im leaving to the farm owner. now the farm owner asked, can i have a round please i cannot say no, so allowed him, but his cum came out immediately.. now writing this with 3 load of pig cum packed in me...again dripping unconsciously.One of the advantage i found is, it works as a lubricant for 3 to 4 days.. all cocks sliding in me like a greased cock.thanks for reading this my friends. This is also my real experience, but some of them may not believing this i know. anyhow, its ok, hope you enjoyed this..sorry if i have mistake in my language..see you friends,kamali

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